Saturday, November 2, 2013

October - Ironing Board Makeover Month!

  Bonnie from Cotton Way and one half of the fabulous Bonnie and Camille has declared October - Ironing Board Makeover Month!  It was just the push I needed to make (my husband made the board of course) and I gave it a one of a kind and fun cover.  Steven is going to staple it on tomorrow, but here is what I came up with. I will post another picture tomorrow and a few pictures of my new studio. lol
That word "studio" cracks me up. Totally loving my huge ironing space. I wish I had this when I made Sara's1900 clothes this summer.  With out further ado I give you the HOG.  We do have the kind you ride. Yep a Harley to go with our 2 Pitbull babies. 
in the garage. lol

This is the board to keep my silver bowl which is in dire need of a polishing , my iron and pincushion.

See the red garbage can hanging from a denim rope? Gotta have somewhere to put all those strings.
It will look much better after the edges are tucked under.  I did bind them and use a really neat stitch that looks like a blanket stitch. 

And my very favorite part you ask. The adorable HOG of course. I made a denim junk jean vest with him on it many years ago.

Hope you like it, Bonnie and thanks so much for the push to get it done. 

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