Saturday, November 2, 2013

No stapler used here today.

So much for promises to staple my ironing board.  Not a good day for me. Got my music going as loud as my Mac will play it. Music soothes my soul and always has.  It  says for me what I would like to say. Depression is a pit that I have been in too many times in my life to count. I can survive this valley because I have survived the deaths of my son and husband, my mom. Then I helped take care of my dear Daddy for seven months before the Lord took him to be with Little John, John, Mom.  My two very best friends passed away.  I will remember those I have loved, because as my Mom always said, " NO one can take away your memories. "

Have you ever had a song that could make you cry every time? One of those songs for me is Angels Among Us by Dana Agnellini.
What a powerful song and message it holds. On the album cover it says, Will You Stand Up In The Darkness - For the Light.
He also can touch me every time with the song Who Am I.  I need to search the i-Tunes store and see what else this wonderful male singer has that will touch me. 

On that note I just made a playlist titled, What I NEED TO SAY.
The songs on this list vibrate in my chest and cleanse me when nothing else can.  Some of them are Christian, but many are other
genre that I have loved in years long gone. 

One of my very favorite songs is Let Them Be Little by Richie McDonald.  It will always bring to memory the six years that little
Santana slept with Grandad and I.  I slept so much better with her
warm little body next to me. 
Her and her big sisters have lived with there wonderful mother in
Michigan for almost 2½ years.  Sara is now 16, Savannah is 15 and
Santana is 13. Sara excepted Jesus as her Lord at a very early age.
Savannah made that life changing decision after much prayer from
Grandad and I almost a year ago. Now we are watching our little
 Squirt going through her own spiritual battle.  The devil wants her soul but God will win this battle,  so "get behind me satan in the name of Jesus."  We will continue to hold Santana, Sara and Savannah as well as their Mommy, my beautiful daughter, Melissa up in prayer.  We also have an older daughter and younger one and four more grand-daughters to keep in prayer.

If you are out their and ever think you have had a hard life maybe you should talk to Melissa about her life battles.  Her life makes mine fall short in comparison.  She has overcome much in her
35 years and has a very strong belief in the power of prayer in her
daily walk with Jesus. 

I Will  Rise by Chris Tomlin is now lifting me up to worship my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for your many blessing and struggles of life. For it is in the valleys of life where we can become more Christlike.  I thank you for the good and bad, because I am who I am because of what life has sent me. 

I'll close for tonight and try my best to get a good nights sleep so I can be in church tomorrow morning. 

Goodnight my dear friends and my God truly bless you all.


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