Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not a very good blogger, but...

I am not a very good blogger, but I have been really busy working on four quilt and a "sweet 16" dress for my grand daughter Savannah.  I need to finish this up by April 14th and I am not looking forward to working with 20+ yards of tulle. She insisted on a Audrey Hepburn, tiffany blue lace,satin and tulle creation. Really pretty so far, but not so sure I'll be making any more prom type dresses any time soon. I truly hate working with the slimy fabric and would really love to work on the quilts instead, but I suppose that is what sewing grandma's are for.

My dear husband brought in this tiny bouquet for me on Monday.  He is not the flower kind of guy so it really impressed me. lol


This is the quilt that Savannah and I made together. Mostly me as she was to busy Face- Timing her boyfriend to sew a consistent seam.  She wants it tied instead of quilted which is fine with me, since and am just learning how to free-motion quilt on my Bernina.  I thing the pattern was called Falling Charms and was a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial.  The fabric is Gracie Girl by Bee In My Bonnet forRiley Blake and white Kona.
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 This is the bodice top and midriff.

Under this cover are the yards of lace, tulle and more tiffany satin. Kentucky is famous for zillions of ladybugs 6 months out of the year and keeping them all out of the house is impossible, so I am keeping this adventure under this vintage sheet from back in the last sixties. I go back a few years past the 60's so I have many such soft sheet around here.

I better head off to bed. It is now 6:23 a.m. an my husband will be waking soon. He sleeps better if I am on the stay up all night shift.  For some reason I talk very loudly in my sleep around 6 in the morning.  I don't believe it of course, but...he says I do it every night. He said he went so far as to put a pillow over my face on Monday night and I just knocked it off.  He says if he pokes me I start swinging. roflllllllllll
It's tough getting oooooooooollllllllllddddddd. I will be 59 on March 30th.  How time flies.
Night all. I'll try to post most progress on the dress soon.


  1. I hope Savannah appreciates the work you are doing to make her party dress! I don't envy you! Her quilt is pretty.

  2. I like the falling charms pattern, looks great. What a lucky granddaughter.
    I am 55 and also have the 'whiffling softly to freight train hurtling through' when I sleep (evidently, though a girl friend I went away with recently said she didn't hear anything over 2 nights!). We (husband of 34 years) seem to often end up in different beds!